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ATA Martial Arts Leadership Academy


Posted: December 08, 2018


JULIE L. - Martinez, CA
Master Schreiber's Martial Arts studio is such a wonderful place for my daughter to learn strength, discipline, body awareness and leadership. The studio is family friendly and has become a part of our family. I recommend this experience to everyone!

NEERU D. - Walnut Creek, CA
My son has shown more confidence & discipline since joining ATA. The teachers concentrate on each student & ensure they learn the forms properly.

JOB G. - Martinez, CA
The Best Martial Arts Academy! My son has made a great progress in a short time.

CARMELLA S. - Martinez, CA
Our son is really enjoying the instruction and has gained confidence and focus from attending.

JAMIE S. - Pacheco, CA
This school offers not only self defense skills but life skills that the children will carry with them forever. Highly recommend.

MARSHA P. - Martinez, CA
Our son now looks adults in the eye and stands up straight when he talks to them, and holds himself with confidence. Also he has defended himself against other kids trying to bully him with a well-placed poke he learned from joint manipulation or jujitsu. I felt so comfortable bringing him to this school because of the emphasis on the monthly values, public speaking, and the thoughtful explanations.

JEANNE W. - Martinez, CA
At Master Schreiber's ATA students learn more than physical martial arts. They learn valuable skills that will carry them through life - discipline, respect, integrity, confidence, and hard work!

LAURA M. - Martinez, CA
Our 5-year-old has only been taking class for a few months and already we notice major improvements in his strength and coordination. He is focused and attentive in class and that has also affected his life beyond taekwondo. It's great exercise, the teachers are really good with young kids, and our child is internalizing some of the principles discussed in class. He loves it! And so do we!

CHARISSA C. - Martinez, CA 
The classes are very structured and engaging. My kids have learned a lot about self-defense in a short timeframe as well as boosting their overall confidence. Thank you.

CORINNE Z. - Hercules, CA
My daughter loves going to her martial arts class. She has been attending the school for about 3-4 years now and I have noticed her becoming more coordinated and physically stronger as well as more disciplined for her age. The instructors are all great with the kids and make learning fun. We would definitely recommend this school to anyone!

VANESSA P. - Alamo, CA 
The school is fantastic and has helped our son immensely with self-discipline, responsibility, physical fitness and respect. We love Master Schreiber's!

PATTE N. - Forestville, CA 
Master Schreiber runs a top notch school.My grandson has developed self esteem and a presence that is conducive to his excelling in life.

EMILY U. - Martinez, CA 
As working parents who implement structure and discipline at home, we exceptionally value the consistency of how martial arts coincides with what has been fostered through our child's experiences. We visibly see your passion, dedication, and patience in working with our four-year-old, which reaffirms that you work & understand your students individually, taking into consideration their age and level of emotional maturity.


SHONA P. - Martinez, CA
My son has trained here for nearly 5 years. Senior Master Schreiber and team show such dedication to the students. The school is run with professionalism, care and all in a fun environment. It has certainly helped improve my son's focus.

CATHY L. - Martinez, CA
The whole family is involved with ATA. We enjoy it for the physical training and mental focus.

TANIKA R. - Concord, CA
Master Schreiber's ATA Martial Art school is great. The teachers make sure to help each kid. The leassons that they teach are not just martial arts but things that will help kids in their everyday life. I'm very happy I picked this school.

MIKE G. - Martinez, CA
My wife and I are very pleased with the progress our son has made in only five months. All of the instructors are patient and very capable.

JEFF O. - Pleasant Hill, CA
Great school! All of the instructors are wonderful with the kids.

MARIAN S. - Martinez, CA
I am so happy that my two boys started Martial Arts, my boys love it and I love watching them train, It's so much fun watching them. Master Schreiber is an excellent teacher. Master Schreiber and the other teachers are transforming my boys, they are already good boys but now they are getting more confident, even their grades are improving, I don't have to ask them to do something twice they just do it when I ask them to do something. I recommend Master Schreiber ATA Martial Arts to everyone.

JASMINE G. - Martinez, CA
I love this place. Teaches my son focus, integrity, respect and so much more. My son is very high strung, hard to keep him in one place let alone to focus on one thing. Since joining ATA he's showing improvement in all areas of concern. Still working on him but he's such a great kid, I refuse to stop here. Besides, he loves his class which is great!

ILEA B. - Martinez, CA 
My daughter has gained confidence since joining Master Schreiber's ATA. She feels proud to be a part of this school and it shows.

BARBARA M. - Martinez, CA 
The experience with Master Schreiber's school has been amazing. My grandson loves going to class. His self esteem and confidence has grown so much since starting. I can't wait to see what the future holds for him as he continues to obtain his belts!

SHONA P. - Martinez, CA 
My son has attended for 4 years. He has grown and learned so many life skills and discipline in a structured and caring environment. Senior Master Schreiber and team offer an amazing program for all ages.

JEANNE W. - Martinez, CA 
Master Schreiber's ATA provides a great learning opportunity for my son each and every time he attends a class. The studio is led by passionate, interactive, involved and experienced instructors who teach the importance of respect, discipline, integrity, perseverance, friendship and hard work. It's a great place!

JOHN B. - Martinez, CA
My son started ATA in Minnesota a couple of years ago. During this pass summer, we moved to California and located an ATA in Martinez. Sr. Master Schreiber and staff not only teaches the same values and self discipline as his previous school, they helped him adjust and picked up where he left off in his training. He is enjoying receiving guidance from his new instructors as they encourage him to strive for excellence. Highly recommended ATA Martial Arts in Martinez, CA.

QUOC L. - Martinez, CA
My son, Everett, has been a student at Master Schreiber's ATA Martial Arts for over a year now. It's been a fantastic experience watching him progress as a student and person. As a parent, I'm very impressed with all the kids that have attended his Taekwondo school and matured into very confident and strong individuals. My wife and I have recently become students as well. The Luu family is keeping strong from all the healthy habits we are learning. In addition, the study of Martial Arts is reinforcing a core belief of our family: That success is achieved with many small steps and continued effort.

JEFF M. - Martinez, CA
Master Schreiber's ATA has a very nice balance of self defense, confidence-building, exercise, commitment to achieve goals, competitive spirit and fun. Sr. Master Schreiber and his well-trained instructors have prepared a curriculum to maximize your time in learning what is needed to advance in class and prepare you outside of class in a time of self-defense.

JEFF O. - Pleasant Hill, CA
My kids started in the school when they were 3 and 5 years old. The teachers are wonderful with kids. I really appreciate the way they handle students when they misbehave. They command respect in a thoughtful and respectful way. Great School I highly recommend.

GLORIA JEAN R. - Martinez, CA
I am impressed with the leadership and example to the students.

STAN N. - Martinez, CA
Love this school, everyone is so friendly.

ZOEY C. - Martinez, CA
I like to learn new moves and see my friends.


GENENE W. - Martinez, CA
Master Schreiber's ATA is the program that every parent dreams of for their child. Our son has not only learned Taekwondo, but the focus, integrity and leadership skills to apply to all aspects of his life. We are incredibly fortunate to have Master Schreiber in our community. THANK YOU!!

SARA O. - Martinez, CA
My son has gained so much from training with Master Schreiber, Mr. Miller and many others! Life skills and sheer joy of loving Tae Kwon Do provides a healthy activity in a supportive positive community of awesome people!

AZAR B. - Martinez, CA 
We have been going to Master Schreiber's ATA School for over ten years. We have put all three of our boys, including my wife and I, through his amazing Taekwondo program, which consists of self-defense, fitness, life skills, discipline and leadership skills. His patience in working with children and adults of all ages is impeccable. You will leave his classroom everyday feeling accomplished and wanting more.

JANET C. - Martinez, CA 
My daughter started taking taekwondo class since she was three and had been continuously doing so for the past 2 years. She had learned so much since then. The life skills taught and practiced is becoming part of her character which is one of the primary reasons why we got her in. Aside from that, it develops her muscle strength, coordination and physical fitness. The instructors are also great.

NIKKI S. - Martinez, CA 
Master Schreiber is wonderful with the kids! He is so genuine and motivating. My kids think of him as "karate Dad." We love the discipline and star reward system that is taught in the class.

RISSA K. - Martinez, CA
Best place for my daughter! She loves it and she enjoys it and at the same time learning the taekwondo and important life skills as well! Thanks to Master Schreiber and staff.

VALENTINA L. - Concord, CA
Great Martial Arts school, talented highly educated and passionate owner Sr. Master Schreiber. I have been a student for almost a year and a half, gained a lot of confidence, grew as a Martial Artist, lost weight, became stronger and happier. I love the spirit of the school, I look forward to each class, it's like a treat for me at the end of the day to go train there. Love the fact that school introduces students to variety of weapons and other types of Martial Arts through Leadership Program.

TOM D. - Pleasant Hill, CA
Great instruction and pace for the kids classes. I enjoy watching my son learn from Master Schreiber.

SELENA T. - Martinez, CA
Master Schreiber's ATA is Fantastic! I started about 3 years ago. I love every minute of it. I am now a brown belt and plan on continuing for a very very long time. Thank you to Master Schreiber I now have more confidence, and finish everything I start.

DAVID M. - El Sobrante, CA
Garrick really enjoys Taekwondo! I think its really helping him with his patience and is also giving him good focus on tasks at hand. I believe he has found something he will continue to enjoy and advance hopefully for the rest of his life. Thank you much! Good job Master Schreiber!

KIRSTIN B. - Martinez, CA
I'm very happy with the program at Master Schreibers! The classes are well taught, incorporating life skills, and exercise, while promoting self esteem, and self discipline.

MEGAN C. - Martinez, CA
As a military family, we know the importance of getting involved and connecting with our community. One of the ways we achieve this is by signing up for extra curricular activities that will help our daughter get acclimated to her environment while gaining important life skills to help her grow. ATA has surpassed all of this! It has been an honor to be a part of such a great organization and we look forward to watching the growth of these children.

JEFF M. - Martinez, CA
Sr. Master Schreiber and his team of instructors and staff are great to work with. They are great with the kids as well working accomodating us adults and our busy schedules. I recommend ATA and Sr. Master Schreiber for all families to join.

CHRYSTIE S. - Martinez, CA
Being a part of this studio has been such a benefit and blessing to our family. My older boys are involved in the Leadership Program and have participated in 5 tournaments. They also decided to show what they had learned in their school talent show. My 4 year old daughter is also learning so much in the Tiny Tiger's program. I have even started taking classes for myself. I'm so glad to be a part of this "family". Looking forward to this next year!

JASON T. - Berkeley, CA
We had my son's 8th birthday here with 10 of his friends and everyone had a blast. The class was organized, the instructor did great controlling the tempo of 11 eight year olds, and the kids never stopped smiling. They even covered what kids could do in regards to strangers and possible kidnapping. Worth every penny.

HEATHER S. - Martinez, CA
Senior Master Schreiber has a amazing school and staff!! My boys and I are having a blast training!!

S.G. - Lafayette, CA
This review is much over due. I am very proud of my two girls who attend Master Schrieber's ATA Martial Arts. My girls started at 6 years old and 3.5 years old. I must say I was skeptical as to how long this would last. My 3 year old would cry before some classes. She needed assurance even though her older sister was with her. Sometimes I felt she would be so apprehensive I contemplated taking her out a handful of times. But she was just 3 and a half and I could see Master Schreiber would handle the situation(s) very well. I felt he knew when to encourage and when to step back and let her breathe. Im happy to say it has been almost 2 years now and my girls love It! I can't believe how my girls can retain all that they've learned and what they are presently learning. I see how confident they are, how mentally they retain information in other extra curricular activities they are involved in as well as take instruction from other teachers/instructors (school, dance, swim etc.). What started out as my Goal to have my girls learn self defense has become much more than I could hope for. I'm glad as a parent I Persevered in the beginning months because I see how self-confident and motivated my girls are to trying new things. I would absolutely recommend Master Schreiber's ATA Martial Arts to anyone considering!

JESSICA L. - Martinez, CA
My daughter has been attending classes for a couple of months now. She was so nervous when she started. In fact, it took two regular classes and a private class to get her out there. Master Schrieber was so patient because he knew she wanted to be doing it, but was just nervous. Now, she will ask almost every day, "is it tae kwon do day?" She loves it and is really coming out of her shell. This is a wonderful program!

ALEX S. - Martinez, CA
The best in town. Highly recommended!! My child has been coming here for a year and he loves it. Master S is funny and excellent with the kids.

LEILANI C. - Martinez, CA
It's incredible to see our 3 yr old daughter thrive in Master Schreiber's class! We had no idea how she would take to it and especially the instruction from a male figure. His direction is firm, but driven by structure and respect. My husband and I couldn't be more pleased, and our daughter looks forward to seeing her friends every week!

JEFF M. - Martinez, CA
My son has been at Master Schreiber's ATA for two years starting off as a shy boy. Now after two years he is assisting Master Schreiber teach class and being a role model not only for other students for me his mother and sister. We are all now students because of what Master Schreiber has been able to do for my son. I recommend Master Schreiber's ATA.

LESLIE C. - Martinez, CA
This is such a huge, life altering experience for my son. I feel like this is really going to be something that is going to help him grow in every aspect of his life. He has such a difficult time with his self assurance. He feels like he's always the smallest, he doesn't feel like he's very smart in school and is very self conscious....He just needs personal motivation and I think he's found it! He hasn't stopped talking about his classes and practicing his moves! We're extremely happy to have found ATA! Thank you Master Schreiber and Company!

CARRIE G. - Martinez, CA
Our 4 1/2 yr son has been attending for 4 months now. We're so pleased to have such a great school in Martinez. Dedicated instructors and great life skills for the children.

JOSEPH S. - Martinez, CA
Master Schreiber is awesome with the Tiny Tigers children's class. My daughter has made big strides in self control and self confidence in the past year. Worth every penny.

JASON H. - Pleasant Hill, CA
Son started at 7 and continues to attend 2 years later. He is worked physically (flexibility, strength, control), mentally (courage, character, knowledge) and enjoys the competition with peers. This has also been a great complement to other activities with very reasonable time commitments. The instructors are top notch!!

JENNIFER S. - Martinez, CA
I have NEVER written a yelp review. But This place deserves it. Last April I wanted to sign my 3yo son up, and my husband thought it was a good idea to sign my 7yo daughter as well. Both my daughter and I were hesitate, but she agreed to try it for the introductory month, and we asked for no further commitment from her. Well, 6 weeks later, she was in LOVE, and wanted to join the leadership program, which was a year commitment. Again I was hesitate, but this time my daughter wasn't. I finally agreed (it was only a year), and let me just say that is probably one of the best things I could have done for my daughter. She has gained so much self confidence in the past 6 months. The self confidence is starting to flow out into other activities. And as an added bonus, her focus and commitment to her school work has increase as well. As for my 3 year old son... He is learning more about focus and discipline every week... and it is in a fun and loving environment. Yes I used the word loving while writing a review about a martial arts studio. Senior Master Schreiber has passion and love for the ATA and it shows when he is out there teaching the kids. :)


OLIVIA - Martinez, CA
We have seen a HUGE change in our son at home in just the 3 times he's been to Master Schreiber's. Would recommend this place to EVERYONE! He gets so excited anytime we mention karate now.

KALI E. - San Rafael, CA
My son loves it, Master scheibers is great with kids. My son enjoy classes very much he's learning fast. Definitely recommend it.

CELESTE C. - Fairfield, CA
My son has been training with Master Schreiber for 9 months. Master Screiber is wonderful with the kids. My son has a LOT of energy and at times has a hard time focusing. Master Screiber really teaches the kids discipline and how to control their energy. In the short period of time I have seen a difference in my sons mannerism. He uses the methods the classes have taught him to defuse bad situations in pre-school and has been more respectful to adults and other children. We couldn't be happier.

Master Schreiber's ATA Martial Art School is great! My Tiny Tiger son has improved in several areas over the past year. We are so fortunate to have found his school. I'm very pleased. Many thanks to the Martinez ATA Martial Arts School.

HEATHER O. - Lafayette, CA
I looked at a few martial arts places before choosing Master Schreiber's for my two boys. It has been a fantastic 2 months! Both boys apply what they learn at school and already are better at focusing. The instructors are patient with the kids and we love being a part of this great group!

I love the ATA, it has taught me skills that will help me now and in the future.I am very thankful to be part of a very important organization. The ATA is awesome!!!

All the instructors have been so amazing with my kids I have two boys 3 and 6 and going to class is the highlight of their week.

SANDY W. - Martinez, CA
Our son Dennis has made great strides in his confidence and decipline since going to ATA. The instructors are great with the kids and have a tremendous amount of patience.

MEGAN W. - Pleasant Hill, CA
My son has been training with Master Schreiber for 3 and 1/2 years now. He is amazing! My son gets so much out of this program. He is taught life skills that have helped shape his character. He has learned about discipline, respect, integrity to name a few. I have seen my son gain confidence in himself through this program. The instructors are all positive and encouraging, and I am so grateful for their dedication!

LAURA M. - Pleasant Hill, CA
I've been training with Master Schreiber for a few months and I love it! I've gained rank (I'm a yellow belt now), technique, and strength. I give it my best shot every week and I am way stronger than I was when I started! If you are an adult who wants to get in shape, learn self-defense, and gain confidence, then this is highly recommended!

I can't say enough great things about Master Schreiber's ATA! My son has been taking classes for more than a year, and has learned the importance of respect, discipline, self-control and confidence. All the instructors are fantastic, very engaged with the kids and you can tell they love what they do!

My son Nikolas just started classes here about a month back and he loves it! the instructors are very good and I like the overall structure of the class! I love how they focus not only on self defense but on Bullying Prevention, Leadership, Focus, Fitness and many other areas. I highly recommend this place!

Our family has been with ATA for over a year. We love how Master Schreiber teaches good sportsmanship and positive attitude in life as well as in class. He teaches personal responsibility and discipline. We are very pleased with our experience with ATA.

DAWN K. - Martinez, CA
My boys have been with Master Schreiber's ATA for over a year and I can't say enough great things about their organization. They have taught my children respect and courtesy, as well as given my children a physical skill they really enjoy. My boys have been to many tournaments and have learned to win with grace and lose with dignity. They are also members of of Master Schreiber's Demo Team which has taught them discipline but fun at the same time. I really appreciate all the heart and energy that all the instructors give at each and every class.

NIKKI W. - Martinez, CA
We love Master Schreiber's ATA. He has taught our daughter confidence and courage.

BRADY M. - Martinez, CA
I've been taking Taekwondo at ATA Martial Arts for almost two years now. I've learned how to be motivated in every part of my life. I've also learned how to be a leader. Master Schreiber has taught me how to protect myself against strangers.

MIREYA C. - Martinez, CA
Wonderful place! I love their leadership program, and all the instructors at this school. Master Schreiber teaches children self worth, discipline, and how to become great citizens. Your child will feel more confident in school too:D 10stars!

LISA L. - Concord, CA
In the five months since my son has started in this program, he has become a lot more confident in himself, and his listening skills have improved. We love the life skills/values that are discussed each month, and of course the stranger/self-defense exercises are so essential. The instructors are great--just firm enough to maintain discipline, yet positive and so helpful to the kids

ROBERT - Martinez, CA
In the five months since my son has started in this program, he has become a lot more confident in himself, and his listening skills have improved. We love the life skills/values that are discussed each month, and of course the stranger/self-defense exercises are so essential. The instructors are great--just firm enough to maintain discipline, yet positive and so helpful to the kids.



JOSEPH S. - Martinez, CA
Master Schreiber's ATA is amazing. My daughter is in the Tiny Tiger Basic program and she loves it. The lessons are fun and challenging. She is learning self control, self confidence, self defense, all in an atmosphere of encouragement and friendship. It is great for kids of all ages and abilities. Master Schreiber and his staff are great with the kids, they have a real knack for getting them to tune in and stay focused on the task at hand. This is an awesome, affordable alternative to the usual sports available to younger kids. I highly recommend ATA.

BILL G. - Martinez, CA
Great school, great instructors, great experience. Highest recommendation!

MELISSA M. - Martinez, CA
My son has been training with Master Schreiber and staff for two years (in June) and I am proud to see how he has grown in body and mind. The staff is very approachable and helpful with behavior issues. The program is great at teaching the students about leadership, self control and anti-bullying.

LEW C. - Martinez, CA
Wow! I have been training at Master Schreiber ATA since 2009. I am a man over 50years old and don't know where you could better training from one of the best instructors in the USA. Master Schreiber, is patient and disciplined with the kids, but at the same time makes learning TKD fun and not to ridged. You're learning from a Master with a 7th degree black belt. The American Taekwondo Association has over 200,000 students/ instructors World Wide! We are all one big family and the instructions and testing's are very uniformed, wherever your school is located. You really can't beat it. It's a great life style at any age, from 5years to 80 years old!

ZACH M. - Martinez, CA
Before graduation started on Friday my 5 year old daughter decided to give the White-Yellow belts a last minute refresher course on the form they needed to know to graduate. Nobody told or asked her to do this, this was a spur of the moment choice she made. She started off with 3 kids and finished with the entire graduation class. The leadership skills she exemplified can easily be attributed to some of the lessons she learned from the "Leadership Program" at Master Schreiber's ATA Martial Arts. The program has given her the opportunity to be an assistant instructor dozens of times over the last year. It has played a big part in providing her with the confidence to go help a group of others instead of sitting on a chair waiting for something to happen.

MIA C. - Martinez, CA
I was shy and scared when I first started, then I found how much fun Taekwondo could be and how nice my instructors are, I wasn't scared any more. Now I love going to class and learning new things. I'm so happy to be able to defend myself if I ever needed to.

THOMAS M. -Martinez, CA
What a great school for learning martial arts! With outstanding instructors and fellow students, you are welcomed as a friend instantly. The instructors are very well trained so learning is very easy. Not only are the instructors great, but Master Schreiber himself interacts with his students in nearly all of the classes, unlike a lot of schools, where only the instructors besides the master teach the students. With great programs for children, teens, and adults, Master Schreiber's ATA Martial Arts is the perfect school to gain knowledge in the field of martial arts alongside your child or alone. One last thing I love about this school is children learn valuable life skills and with the self- defense curriculum, South-Korean culture is also taught which includes language, manners in South- Korea, the history of the taekwondo and how it was brought over to America. Master Shreiber's ATA Martial Arts is the best you can find!

RACHELLE G. - Walnut Creek, CA
Our son (Age 8) is SO proud of his Taekwondo, and we really are so happy to have him in your program, even though we are moving further away. (we will continue to drive to Martinez to continue!) We find a lot of value in your program specifically, and I cannot tell you how much pride he gets as a part of your program. For a little boy with incredibly low self-esteem, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the work you do with all of the kids. I see how much each of the kids is growing every single week.

SARA O. - Martinez, CA
Master Schreiber's ATA Martial Arts has been a part of my son's life from age 3 as a "Tiny Tiger" to present, as a Second Degree Black Belt at age 11. He has developed important life skills such as self control, focus and how to plan for achieving goals - all while having lots of fun kicking, jumping, sparring and competing. He loves doing Taekwondo and has enormous respect for Master Schreiber who seems to command respect effortlessly. The benefits of having a creative outlet that focuses on moral values and promotes physical fitness that my son feels passionate about are immeasurable!

JOHN W. - Martinez, CA
My son has learned so much in the four and a half years he's been training here. From life skill like integrity, loyalty, and goal setting to bully prevention and safety. It's not just kicks and punches...they train leaders.

LAURIE H. - Martinez, CA
Fantastic dedication to teaching leadership qualities in young people to last their life time

CAROL S. - Martinez, CA
Master Schreiber's ATA Martial Arts programs include special abilities training for children and its making a difference to the children and their peers.

Master Schreiber is one of the most skilled martial artists in the ATA. His talents as a martial artist are only rivaled by the precision he exhibits in the running his school, teaching of his classes, and the heading up of Team Pride. I have and always will be impressed with his willingness to go the extra mile for anyone that asks. He is the definition of success.

DOUG C. - Martinez, CA
My daughter started 3 1/2 years ago for the structure and discipline. She'snow a Blackbelt recommended,and she has all the confidence not only in taekwondo but in life and at school. Thank you Master Schreiber

Master Schreiber makes such a difference in the lives of his students and to whole community. His school is a veritible 'force for good' that creates leaders to meet the needs of our world. He is a giving, caring educator whose inspired work sets a high standard for martial arts training in the Bay area and the rest of the country! Regardless whether Schreiber's ATA Martial Arts wins the honor again, it will remain a powerful supporter, model citizen and effective trainer and life changer for thousands in this fortunate area.

PENNY E. - Martinez, CA
Master Schreiber is an AMAZING instructor !!! The parents here are very supportive .. WE LOVE THIS PLACE !!!!!!!

It's not uncommon to find talented martial artist, but to find one with great teaching abilities and genuine caring for the students beyond the all mighty dollar is what you get with Master Schreiber.

ANGELA M. - Martinez, CA
My children have been students of Master Schrieber for over a year . We love the school, teacher, leadership team! Both of my children have learned so many life skills they will use the rest of their lives :) We recommend everyone to join!

To watch Master Jordan Schreiber teach is a privilege. He is dedicated to his work and an inspiration to his students!

ELIZABETH M. - Pleasant Hill, CA
Master Schreiber is a dedicated instructor with genuine concern for his students growth!

MARY B. - Martinez, CA
Master Schreiber's skill, dedication and caring for his students are an inspiration. We are lucky to have him teaching our children!

JESSECA S. - Martinez, CA
My kids have been attending Master Schreiber's school for 2 years... It is a wonderful place for the kids to learn. The parents are involved and it is a great community of people. The values that my children have learned are wonderful.

JOHN W. - Martinez, CA
I can not say enough good things about this school or the instructors. The program instills the best character traits in its students. The instructors, assistant instructors, and student instructors all model this and are great with kids. The chief instructor, Jordan Schreiber (Master Schreiber), is a 6th degree blackbelt with over 20 years experience in TEACHING taekwondo. He also founded and runs an organization called Team Pride ( If you have been wanting a place for your child to learn martial arts, or have been thinking about it yourself, look no further. Seriously, you will not find a better school or group of instructors anywhere.